About the Celtic Greeting Cards
Free Celtic Greeting Cards is a free service of the New Order of Druids.

The New Order of Druids is an international organisation intended to unite people who are interested in Celtic spirituality (Druidism) and culture. We offer free online Druid courses, as well as other services. The New Order of Druids is founded in Belgium and organizes local activities there.

To find out more about us, visit our main website: https://www.druidcircle.org/ 

Visit our webshops:

NOD Bookshop - http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/neworderofdruids

NOD Cafepress Shop - http://www.cafepress.com/nodshop

NOD Shirtcity Shop - https://www.shirtcity.be/shop/2810/

De Druïdenwinkel - http://webshop.druidcircle.org/